Mombasa Businessman Slapped With Ksh 10 M For Denying Wife Conjugal rights

mombasa law courts
mombasa law courts

A Mombasa law court now wants Mombasa businessman to pay 10M shillings for traping his wife a sexless marriage.

According to the court, it’s every person’s right to have sexual intimacies while in any marital bond.

Mrs Sonia told court, her 10 years of marriage without sex have been like living in hell while on earth.

She stated that her husband even offered to divorce her on some several occasions despite their indian culture norms of divorce.

The court stated, I find that this act of deception by the man was cruel in the extreme.

It condemned the innocent woman to a life devoid of sexual intimacy and children which is the desire of any woman in a marriage,” Odero ruled