Mohamed Ali Of Jicho Pevu Str!ps Vera Sidika Nak3d By Exposing Her Source Of Wealth

vera and mohamed

KTN’s investigative reporter, Mohammed Ali hit out at socialite Vera Sidika by indirectly exposing her source of money and what she goes to do in foreign countries.

According to the source, the controversial socialite normally lies to her fans that she is an international businesswoman but her real hustle is selling her flesh to rich men.

The renowned investigative journalist became the first famous Kenyan to tell this through social media after they engaged in a twitter war.

Their online war started way back when Al Jazeera aired an investigative story done by Mohammed Ali, where he exposed how police have been carrying out extra-judicial killings in Kenya.

Vera tweeted to Mohammed Ali and told him that he was scaring investors by exposing how Kenya’s police force is messed up.

“Stop scaring investors”, Vera tweeted


But the way Mohammed Ali responded left Vera Sidika covered in shame, regretting why she opened her mouth.

Moha implied that Vera Sidika is one of the ladies who depend on old rich men popularly known as ‘sponsors’ for survival.

This is why she is afraid that Moha’s investigative story may bar her sponsors from visiting the Country

See how the no-nonsense journalist str!pp3d Vera Sidika n()k3d in the tweet below