Meet The Woman Who Warms Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali’s Bed

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali is one very brave and highly celebrated investigative journalist we have in Kenya, scooping several awards.

However, The latest exposé of Jacob Juma’s killers that turned to disclose the alleged side chick has raised eye brows among Kenyans on social media and many are believed to have hated the way the exposé turned out to be.

The third born in a family of five, who was born and raised in Isiolo decided to specialize in investigative journalism back in 2007 when police attacked Mathare residents who were said to be members of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

He became successful in the field and among the awards won are, Head of State Civilian Award awarded In 2010 by former President Mwai Kibaki and maiden Media Council of Kenya awards in the Journalist of the Year.

What you did not know about Mohammed Ali is that, he is a proud and successful family man. Married to a very beautiful woman, Rukiya Noordin, and with two children.

Check out the photos of his family below

Mohammed Ali and wife Rukiya hagging
Mohammed Ali and wife Rukiya hagging PHOTPO/COURTESY
Mohammed Ali and Wife Rukiya Noordin
Mohammed Ali and Wife Rukiya Noordin PHOTO/COURTESY
Rukiya Noordin, Mohammed Ali's Wife
Rukiya Noordin, Mohammed Ali’s Wife PHOTO/COURTESY