Meet The Handsome Policeman Kenyan Mafisilets Are Eyeing (PHOTOS)

Handsome Kenyan Policeman
Handsome Kenyan Policeman PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya is a hot bed of everything including beautiful and handsome policeman and women. Here is the new celeb, “handsome” policeman.

Photos of a Kenyan policeman has been making rounds on social media and many ladies are leaving insane comments about him.

Pictures taken in a gym, showing the six pack under the policeman’s vest are making ladies wish to lie on that chest.

Other photos of him on duty make ladies wish they can be arrested by him.

See the photos below

Kenyan "handsome' Policeman in a GYM
Kenyan “handsome’ Policeman in a GYM PHOTO/COURTESY
Kenyan "handsome' Policeman on duty
Kenyan “handsome’ Policeman on duty PHOTO/COURTESY