Meet Akothees Children From Different Fathers Who Look Asian, Caucasian And African (PHOTOS)


Singer Akothee has made headlines more for her wealth than her parenthood.

Her parenthood is pretty interesting.

When she claimed fame, one of the revelations she made was that she has five children from different men. Her children are from mixed races and tribes.

While she has not been open about revealing the identities of their fathers, you can tell from their skin colours where they could have come from.

The Mombasa based celeb is even said to be well-to-do because of possible child support that she could be receiving from their dads.

She has scoffed at such allegations crediting her flashy lifestyle to her music.

From photos gathered, there are kids who are Asian like, Caucasian, African dark skin and light skins.

The artiste lost her 6th unborn baby would have been added to the diversity.

Here are some more pictures.