Marriage Wreck! Diamond Platnumz To End His Relationship With Lover Zari

zari and diamond
Diamond And Zari

Reliable source –Amaninewspaper- says Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz is planning to end his relationship with his lover Zari Hassan for reasons well known by him.

Rumours in the streets are Diamond Platnumz’s family recently revealed to the news outlet that the singer is considering leaving the wealthy Ugandan socialite

They added that Platnumz has started showing signs of boredom he is encountering in the relationship.

“Diamond is finding it hard to walk out of the relationship because of Tiffah. The truth is Tiffah is the only unifying factor between them,” the source told Amani.

 “Diamond Platnumz loves Tiffah very much. He doesn’t want to be separated from her – even if there are issues between him and Zari, he chooses to persevere. Diamond does not want Tiffah to be brought up by a single mother – a life he understands best because he was raised by a single parent.”

“That explains why even after Zari Hassan traveled to South Africa, Diamond followed her. If Zari had not given birth to Diamond’s daughter, they would have already fallen out a long time ago.”

The source claims it was easy for Diamond Platnumz to dump former girlfriends; Wema Sepetu, Jokate Mwegelo and Penniel Mungilwa because none of them bore him children.

“What is keeping Diamond Platnumz stuck to Zari is Tiffah. We all know him (Diamond). Whenever he wants to break up with a woman a lot of issues often crop up – issues like that of Lynn (Diamond’s video vixen who the singer is alleged to have fallen in love with). First, we hear such stories, then follows the blockbuster – a break up,” the source added.

“He has to pretend in front of Zari so that he gets close to his daughter. However, the truth is – all is not well between them. He says he is ready to die for anything – but not be separated with his daughter. Zari knew quite well that conceiving for Diamond will keep him glued – and evidently, she has used that to her advantage.”