This Man Is The Cheaters Superstar; He Married Best Friends The Same Day; Full Details


The rule is that when caught cheating, DENY DENY and DENY! But that was not the case with this city millionare.

Hours apart,  Kenyan millionaire, Javan Bidogo, spent millions in lavish weddings for his two brides on the same weekend but different locations.


The brides Asha Juma and Elvas Kulengwa said their ‘I do’s’ over the weekend at different locations.

Asha Juma wed Javan at the Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam while Elvas Kulengwa said her vows at the Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam. Asha’s colour code was maroon, gold and blue while Elvas’s was maroon, gold and white

That was epic!!!

Last month, footballer Mohammed Anas gaped thousands after he accidentally revealed that he was proudly cheating on his wife.

When South Africa’s Free State Stars player  was placed before the cameras to talk of his star turn as “Man of the Match,” he felt the need to thank those in his life who helped him become a great player, Huffington Post noted.

But what Anas told the interviewer got him in just a bit of hot water. “Firstly I appreciate my fans, and my wife and my girlfriend,” he said live on TV.