Man Bites Another Mans Lip, Shocking Details Revealed


Middle aged man is recuperating after his upper lip was bitten by another man allegedly a makanga in Rongai area

Narrating the ordeal, The victim’s sister, Jane Wanjiku, brought the matter to light on social media disclosing that her brother Bernard Chege had boarded matatu KCB 632M when the makangas tried to pickpocket him.

However, when he discovered their intentions, a fight broke out and that was when he was bitten on the mouth and thrown out of the matatu.

“It was around 11pm when they reached Barclays stage in Rongai one of the makanga tried to put his hand in my brother’s pocket but my brother noticed and confronted him asking why but the makanga got mad and bit my brother’s upper lip mpaka akamkata nyama so the matatu stopped and threw him out stealing his phone,” Ms Wanjiku said.

Ms Wanjiku further noted that her brother went to report the matter to the police but was turned away.

“He headed to the station to report but the madam who was there sent him away refusing to book his story but the officer who was manning the entrance intervened and the case was booked,” she revealed.

The driver of the matatu reportedly settled the victim’s hospital bill and even returned the stolen mobile phone. See photo below;