Maina Kageni Caught On Camera Squeezing Young Lady , Alleged Half Of His Age (VIDEO)

maina kageni
maina kageni

The Classic 105 morning show host is a surely understood senior bachelor who has never hinted at any having a lady in his life.

The 43-year old radio host was, nonetheless, the focal point at the Druhill show when he cozied up to a flawlessly looking young lady, taking part in a sensual move that left the group shocked and hollering in energy and entertainment.

Maina was actually in high spirits. So was the woman that she let her hands uninhibitedly slide on Maina’s muscles as the two delighted in cool music.

It took the two over a moment to convey the show to a halt, as the group was left think about what might happen next.

The video which was only caught by has effectively turned into a web

sensation, inspiring various responses from the Kenyan group of observers.

Maybe it is a result of Maina’s conjugal status.

At 43, Kenyan society says that a man ought to have a family and decent children to shape his future generation.

However, Maina has opposed this suspicion, staying single and now and then leaving people in general to make wild theories; some bizarre, some silly and others harming.

However, with the most recent video,

The rumour mills have by and by opened wide on Maina Kageni. Is it accurate to say that he is at long last leaving the lone ranger’s club?

While at it, this video will say a lot than simply the clarification given above