‘Madevu karibu State House’ , “Social” President Uhuru Tell Shaffie Weru

shaffie weru
shaffie weru

Many times, you have seen President Uhuru Kenyatta take selfies with his fans and talk in sheng. Actually, I guess he could be hosting so many celebs at State House.

He recently hosted the Rugby Sevens team at State House in honour of their victory in Singapore and Kiss 100 FM presenter Shaffie Weru came to the occasion.

Everyone must have seen the president being tossed in the air by players.

Shaffie opened up to have a chat with the president and they also talked about his beards.

“He told me, ‘Madevu karibu State House’. We had met before he was sworn in and I was clean shaven,” said Shaffie.

Other than Shaffie, the president has been seen socialising with celebrities like Jaguar, Sauti Sol, Chipukeezy and many others.

In 2014, Chipukeezy even went as far as asking the president for Ngina’s hand in marriage. This was in a radio chat and when that flopped, he asked him to have him as an adopted child.

Sauti Sol did not just perform for the president on his birthday party. The music group was also hosted at State House when US president Barack Obama came to Kenya.

Very few presidents do this. Not even his father, the late Jomo Kenyatta or former President Daniel arap Moi or immediate predecessor Mwai Kibaki was that social.