Linda Ogutu’s Hips Alleged To Be Fake Now Causes Her Health Implications. See this (Photos)

linda ogutu

KTN TV’s petite figured, Linda Ogutu is the screen siren who has been driving men nuts loose with her undeniable Coca Cola bottle shape-like.

Her humongous hips makes her stand out and at times switch men’s attention as they fantasize about her hips.

However, nowadays, she’s rarely seen on screen and people are asking why and when she graces the screens, she is always sitting down.

Well, word has it that her hips are not as natural as we all believe.

The talented news anchor is said to have used chemicals to boost her hips and she is going through hell now after she started experiencing complications.

This is the photo that left people asking whether the news anchor has been making men go crazy for her fake hips.


source: waza