Lilian Muli And Anne Waiguru Are ENEMIES; See The Day Waiguru Called Lilian ‘ Wajinga Sana’


As days go by former Devolution CS continues picking up enemies not only in the political field but also in the media fraternity, it has now emerged that Anne Waiguru & Citizen TV’s anchor Lilian Muli are enemies.

Lilian Muli & Anne Waiguru are said to have fell out back in September after the anchor made a nasty comment about Waiguru in her #FashionWatch show.

The show which is always the center of criticism from Kenyans due to the judges’ lack of ‘enough fashion knowledge’.

Lilian Muli was brutally attacked by Ann Waiguru following a comment she made on her show.

Her remarks upset Ann Waiguru who even threatened to sue her for mentioning her name in what she termed as ‘Whack’ fashion programme.

The former CS was so angry that she promised to see to it that Lilian Muli was fired by her boss, SK Macharia.

See what Ann Waiguru told the news anchor.

Wewe mwanamke I caution you . Dont ever scrutinize my method for dressing in your #FashionWatch taka’s . I am truly cautioning you that I will SUE you or make Macharia Fire you . Kama hamna mtu wa Kucriticize Wachana na hiyo show yenu . Give me a chance to trust this is the Last cautioning . Dont ever disparage my Hair or dress again . Wajinga sana