Lets Help KNEC Mark This Composition, The Worst Composition 2016


Marking of KCPE composition for students who recently sat for the exam is underway. We have gathered some of the worst compositions, which are influenced by mother tongue and of course direct translation is pronounced.

Below is one of the compositions, from a Kikuyu student.

Question:Write a story starting with the following words….

“The day broke well like any other day…”…and because it flies with what it has swallowed, I entered the kitchen. We had cooked the ugali of folder ears (ngûnja gûtû) last night and we left a small. I hottened it and eat alone because a good child is stomach, but I did
not hear where it went. So I entered the maize field to see whether there was any maize that was old so that I could burn it. Remember all this I was doing before I go to school, in short for balanced diet during lunch time because many times I carried the food with my own stomach. I got one old maize which was hard. The birds had already started eating it, so I returned to the kitchen to burn it, but unfortunately, the fire was already cold. I heard a lot of badness because it was already six fote faî (6:45 am). But I didn’t fallfall. It’s better to go to school late but not hungry (or what teacher?). I couldn’t pray fire
from the neighbor because she was not there. She had gone for a kamweretho and their vehicle
became bad. They never returned.So I went to the shop to buy a kiberiti but that shopkeeper used to sell us expired things, so I had to confirm whether the kiberiti was good before buying it. I beat all the arrows untill they produced fire all of them,ensuring all the arrows were good. Then I told him “Ûromenya korwo hena kamûguî ona kamwe gatanakana, gîkî kîbiriti ndingîagûra”. He laughed. As I was going back I saw the teacher on duty going with his bicycle. I knew I would be late so I had to cheat him.
“Teacher, my stomach is eating me like something else. My heart is also blackening and I am producing a gas through my mouth that can kill a dead pig. Should I go to hospital or I should come and let the whole class suffer? “Sorry for that, what happened?” The teacher asked. “I ate folder of ears, ofakado and thick milk (iria imata). Now I am hearing very bad.” I explained.”Go to the hospital.” He said. I went back and after knowing that the matchbox had no arrow I went back to sleep”

lets help KNEC mark this, for me 1/10… (time spend writing )