Leaked!! Meet Grace Msalame’s Aging Sponsor Who Bought Her A BMW X5 As A Reward For Good S3x

grace msalme sponsor

Kiss TV host and Bamba TV Content Manager, Grace Msalame, has been exposed as a randy woman who slept her way up by her colleagues at Radio Africa.

A leaked conversation with a Radio Africa employee reveals that Grace has been secretly warming up the bed of Radio Africa Group CEO, Patrick Quarcoo,  popularly known as PQ.

Patrick Quarcoo is a s3x hungry CEO who has [email protected] some of the hottest female employees at Radio Africa.

After drilling Caroline Mutoko, he dumped her for curvaceous Grace Msalame, who has been warming up his bed for quite some time.

The randy Radio Africa Group CEO bought a BMW X5 for Grace to reward her for good s3x and promoted her to be the Content Manager of Bamba TV, that has been struggling in the competitive digital market.

According to snoops, no male employee can dare seduce Grace because she is the mistresses of their boss.

They avoid her like plague for fear of being sacked by Quarcoo, who has a strong appetite for s3x.

See a leaked whatsapp conversation from one of the Radio Africa Group Employees revealing the illicit love affair between Grace and Patrick Quarcoo

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