Why #late Ivan Ssemwanga Family Released His Pictures In A Coffin To The Public, Zari Spills The Beans


Zari Hassan, an ex-wife to the late businessman Ivan Semwanga revealed to the media that the late’s body was flown in the country using the name of Ali Sennyomo, not Ivan Ssemwanga

So many questions were raised wondering why Semwanga had to change his name to Sennyomo while in South Africa.


According to Ugandan based publisher, Ssemwanga was commonly known by Ugandans, was a humble gentleman who came from the village to innovatively become “rich” as many think.

Ivan Ssemwanga left Uganda for South Africa at the time when South Africa was in search of educated black people to feel the gap left by foreigners especially in the education industry, unfortunately for him he didn’t have the qualifications to teach, Ivan then innovatively married a Moslem South African Lady (names withheld) and acquired a South African resident’s permit by virtual of marriage even thought the marriage was fake, Ivan opted to use Ali Ssenyomo as his marriage names.

This explains why Ivan married Zari Hassan a Moslem lady he was still allowed to many as many wives as he wishes, Ivan was converted to a Moslem although he did this to benefit from legal requirement in SA.

In fact a Dua was read for him on Friday when his body was at his home in SA, officially Ivan was Moslem in SA and Christian in Uganda

However , Zari’s latest revelations  stired more controversy at a time when different audios ware still making rounds on social media with people claiming that Ivan defrauded a South African national identified as Khalid of $216m in cash, diamonds and gold and his get-away plan was to fake his own death.

Conspiracy theorists went on that he has already changed his look thanks to plastic surgery and is somewhere in the world enjoying his money.

There has also been talk that the whole Semwanga death ould have been a publicity prank.  Ivan Semwanga and his Rich Gang crew have been known to seek popularity in whatever way possible through staging expensive parties, splashing cash in bars among many other things.

Staging a death has also been perceived as a publicity stunt for the rich gang to command headlines in the country and the region at large.

Following all that controversy, Ivans family decided to leak some of his pictures in the coffin to the public to atleast believe that the slain businessman was no more!

Below are the photos; Viewers Discretion