Larry Madowo With Unclothed Figurines; Things Went South (Photos)


After NTV’s Larry Madowo took his bull testicles-grabbing fetish from America , day later he was caught cavorting with naked female statues in Stockholm, Sweden,

The celebrated newscaster posted on social media, photos of himself petting a female naked statue.

In one, our source noted, Larry asked his followers whether they wanted to see the front naked part of the statue, boobs included.

It came as a shock to most of his sea of followers who felt that the NTV journalist had lost it and needed to be roped before things got out of hand.

Enraged by the nasty outburst on Facebook, Madowo penned a scathing post oozing sarcasm, telling off his followers who thought he was their role model.

He wrote that he had no achievement whatsoever and the only thing that he was known for was the fact that he could read from a teleprompter, loudly

(sigh) how sure is that? They say having been in school doesn’t mean you educated .

Here are the photos