Lady Stripped Naked For ‘SHOUTING’ Jubilee In Kisumu


Angry youths in Kisumu str!pped down a lady after she declared her love for Jubilee.

The shameful act which was hidden away from the public is a big shame and all the men who did that are already locked in cell.


Last Month, another lady was STRIPPED n#ked for wearing jubilee clothes in mumias county. The said lady was wearing jubilee clothes and she was a die hard supporter of the jubilee party.

she was going on her usual business when she encountered the roundy  youth.
The youth were shouting “ODM! Nasa! Jubilee tawe (No Jubilee),” they chanted as others danced on the streets.
This is very sad development considering the fact we are heading to a heated election season and people should respect the will and democracy of people.

Political divide has been immensely felt among the 42 Kenyan tribes.

The Kenyan Loyalty Pledge reminds us all that we are Kenyans and no one or none of the political parties should put a difference in between.

  • Cosmas Ronno

    Of course this is a free country and everyone has their choice. But I wonder what would happen if one were to wear NASA branded clothes and went into a bar at, say, Gacharage deep inside Kiambu and started dancing around the bar floor shouting praises to Baba? It is often said that wisdom is the better part of valor!