Lady Lectures Gospel Singer Bahati Mtoto Wa mama Over ‘prostitution’


A lady has lectured gospel singer, Bahati, telling him to stop copying the controversial lifestyles of Tanzanian singers, Diamond and Harmonize.

Bahati has a habit of impregnating ladies and dumping them just like Diamond and Harmonize.


The youthful gospel singer claims he wants to marry his lover, Diana Marua, but this lady thinks Bahati is just engaging in publicity stunts and wasting the lady’s time.

He poured his heart out to Diana Marua on..facebook saying,

“We Learn, We Fight, We Grow and through the Process God makes Us Glow  It’s not easy as God molds us to be ONE! Na Wish Watuu wanaeza Jua Vile Ako kakichwa Kako ni Ka’Ngumu- But Siata Wewe Unajua Mimi Ndio Dawa Yako???  #IwillMarryYou @Diana_Marua DO YOU ALL WANT AN INVITE TO OUR WEDDING???

she responded by saying;