Ladies Don’t Use This Family Planning Method, See What It Did To A Lady


This house helps ( Domestic managers) have been hitting headlines recently for wrong reasons.Househelps have now became man cause of marriage divorces in Kenya.

They are  difficult to trust in house, other mistreat children they are supposed to take care of , others may be the second wife by the time you know or Make away with your husband.

A woman in Facebook has aired his frustration furiously after finding out she and house help (DM) are pregnant for his husband the same time.

The woman is allegedly 4 months pregnant while house help is 3 months.

I think its time we monitor this house help because if you assume, you will find out too late or never find out.

They can easily break your marriage.

Meanwhile, ladies, Are you using this family planning method ?? well the side effects have stunned many.

A lady has taken to social media to complain about this family planning pill you take once in month, she says it makes her want more lungula.

Kamba ladies are naturally bedroom bullies and this pills make it even worse and they give their men little space to breath.

Are you having the same side effects of family planning ?? Share with us your story