Kush Tracey Publicly Dumps Her Abusive Boy Friend Timmy T

Kush Tracey

A few days ago, Ndulu hit makers and lovers, Kush Tracey and Timmy TDat had a fight outside 1824 in Lang’ata after a misunderstanding arose.

Timmy Tdat got physical and starting beating Kush. Tazi drivers outside the club had to chip in and beat Timmy like a burukenge.

Timmy shared a post that he had been attacked over his girlfriend and added that Kush was kidnapped during the incident. It later emerged that all this was a lie.

The “Bossmama” has however forgiven him, Timmy, and thanks him for working with her on the #NDULU project. She also promised to continue giving her fans what they want in terms of music, more collabos and many more projects.

This is what Kush wrtote on her wall,

Hey Lovely people.
First of all I would like to apologize to all my fans for the silence concerning news that has been circulating on social media.There was some misunderstanding that took place outside 1824 that lead to Timmy getting physical with me and that made the taxi drivers outside 1824 take part and try stop him, however I forgive him and am moving past that. Also I would like to thank him for working with me on#NDULU project. To my fans am sorry for all this, am still the same Kush Tracey, Bossmama, Mkamba wa Masaku and am still going to continue giving you what you want in terms of music, more collabos and many more projects are to come,hence the love affair with Timmy is no more only entertainment business aye!!

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