KTN’s Mohamed Ali Attacks Uhuru Kenyatta Following The Dab Move At State House


KTN’s Mohamed Ali  Jicho Pevu has joined a smattering of Kenyans who have been attacking Uhuru Kenyatta after his dance performance at State House.

A video that was shared online showed Uhuru Kenyatta dancing with the FBI dance group. His dab move seems to have brought about all this razzmatazz

According to the slew of hateful comments, Uhuru was dancing gaily when some Kenyans were perishing in drought-stricken areas.

He was also accused of dancing recklessly while Kenyan doctors were still on the ongoing strike.

The narrative seemed to suggest that Uhuru had better things to be doing other than get Kenyans to register as voters.

KTN’s Mohamed Ali shared a photo of on Twitter of Uhuru dancing while juxtaposed with desolate Kenyans who were drinking dirty water in Baringo.

“Dunia tambara mbovu (There is too much wickedness in the world)”, Ali wrote on his twitter handle.