This is What Killed Elva Olunga, Be Careful When You Date a Man Who You Met On Facebook



Elva Olunga was found dead this week after she went missing for some days. The young Luo lady had looks, bright future and brains to make a living out of hard work, but she chose to play a drama queen on Facebook, moving from one Facebook group to the other

In 2010, Elva Olunga met John Omija through the famous Kisumu Dads group. After hide and sick game, the two started dating.

Elva could ride Omija’s Mercedes Benz, chop his money and sleep with him whenever she wants. But things started falling apart when Elva conceived Omija’s child and aborted it immediately.

Omija swallowed the bitter saliva and resolved to try his luck once more. He again made Elva pregnant, and this time the young lady aborted.

The drama continued as Omija realized that the lady was married and didn’t want anything to do with commitment to an old man (Omija).

John Omija and Elva Olunga continued to date even during their worst times, but the mother of three started sending abusive messages to Omija’s wife. The sponsor (Omija) was temporarily divorced by his wife, but Elva’s husband never remained loyal despite knowing there was a man interfering with his wife.

At one time,Elva’s sponsore,after being aggrieved beyond repair wrote this on social media:

“In 2010 a lady called Beatrice Adhiambo Otieno did this to me. She died like a dog and buried next to a toilet………Now Elva Akinyi Olunga is doing the same crap…..Will pee on your mouth in the mortuary!!!!!!!!!!”

elva-olunga1 elva-olunga4

In 2016, John Omija officially ended his relationship with Elva,but he promised to revenge.It is here that the conversation between him and his former lover ended, marking the beginning of cold war.


It is exactly 3 months since the long silence was experienced,Elva is no more,…,her remains are in a mortuary.May God Rest Her Soul in Peace!