Kiambu Women Stage Peaceful Protests Over Poor Bedroom Performance


Women Protest Poor Bedroom Performance Of Their Husbands who have fully buried their heads in the locally available brewed liquor.

In  Ndeiya ward,  Limuru constituency in Kiambu county women were heard claiming that most of their men, including young men, have failed.


The women further claimed that only a few newly married women are currently pregnant with the rest of the bulk dreaming about ever having a baby since men have failed to impregnate them.

“If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women but only a few are pregnant,” Nancy Wangare, one of the protesters said

She said men have been drinking anything alcoholic to keep them high, but society bears the consequences of sexual dysfunction.

“It would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sire our children. Our husbands will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancies are theirs and they will support us,” Wangari added

According to her, their drunkard husbands are unable to sire children and they may look elsewhere for sober bedmates.