“Kenyans Are The Silliest”, Donald Trump Open Letter To Kenyans

USA Republican presidential contender Donald Trump

USA Republican presidential contender and business Mogul Donald Trump relation to Kenyans is of great concern.

In 2015, Trump launched the second scathing tirade on Kenya that Kenyans could not let it go. An open letter from him to Kenyans has been leaked. Read it below.

Dear Kenyans,

Sorry to hurt your feelings but you are all pieces of shit. Yes…I said it. I am never afraid to say anything and I won’t be afraid to tell you Africans the truth. You are idiots and that’s why the most idiotic president in US history came from your country. Are you fuming with anger right now? I don’t care. Your women don’t even have real hair. They wear weaves made from dead white and latino people. They put so much make-up on their faces that they end up looking like paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

You are worthless and when I become president. I will never allow you into the United States of America. Why do you keep on travelling to other countries anyway and taking photos at airports like it’s such a big achievement? You should stay home and build your poor nation. I will help you do that by ensuring that every Kenyan who is currently living in America is deported back home. I want to make America great again. I want an America that is full of pure white people, not immigrants and Africans.

By the way, you Kenyans deserve a tough leader like Mugabe or Museveni, someone who can control you and keep you in line. Sure, you can say you oppose me or that you don’t even take me seriously. But let me ask you: How many articles do you read about me in a day?

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