Kenyan Socialite, Pesh Lema, Jailed Over Drugs, Attacked By Angry Kenyan

Kenyan socialite Pesh Lema Jailed In Ghana
Kenyan socialite Pesh Lema Jailed In Ghana PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya’s well known socialite Pesh Lema has been jailed in Ghana over drug trafficking allegations.

The socialite who first came to light last year after uploading her nude photos on the internet. It is alleged that during this time, an unknown West African man noticed her and invited her to Ghana and since then, she never returned to her mother land.

It is in Ghana where she involved herself in drugs. Little did she know that her days were numbered.

Socialite Pesh Lema has been attacked on social media by social media users who were agitated by her nude photos.

Message from Mubea Murithi via Facebook

You all remember Pesh the wannabe socialite right? If you don’t, she was the one with the buttcrack longer than the San Andreas fault and a face like a female Bifwoli Wakoli (refer to attached picture for evidence)

Now some of you thought I was hating when she was all over posting pictures of her….

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