Kenyan Pastors Who Are Filthy Rich!


We call them spiritual fathers, and yes they are, they strengthen our faith by giving us hope to face tomorrow despite the ups and downs life has to offer.

They eat,drink from the congregation. Based on their lifestyle , the following are the wealthiest pastors in Kenya;


1.Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

The founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries and former assistant Housing Minister. The stylish bishop, who started off as a janitor (euphemism for cleaner) in Industrial Area before becoming a street preacher restocks her wardrobe on trips abroad. ”I wear golden sandals in the morning, changes to silver in the afternoon and retires in bronze in the evening” she once told a congregation.

  1. Rev Allan and Cathy Kiuna

Allan and Kathy Kiuna started their own church from a rented room with a congregation of six is which has grown into 5,000 strong Jubilee Christian Church.

Kiuna’s Palatial Home in Runda. Allan is also a columnist for The Nairobian and Kathy hosts “The Woman Without Limits” on NTV. They have been bought birthday gifts of a BMW and Sports Range Lover by the church and just recently, pictures of their affluent  helicopter made rounds on the social media.

3.Prophet Owuor

He is the founder of  Repentance and Holiness Ministry . The flamboyant pastor has severally claimed that he never accepts church offering. Remember when senior pastors of his Ministry of Repentance and Holiness bought him a Mercedes S500 as a gift? Well, that gift cost KSh25 million.

Prophet Owuor globe trots, preaching in Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, USA, Finland, China, Korea, Australia, UK, Burundi, Brazil and Holland.


  1. Pastor James Maina Nganga

He is the founder of  Neno Evangelism Center. It is believed that his church collects over Sh 200,000 per weekend and almost Sh 1.5 million per week. He lives in Karen and drives a BMW, Range Rover and other top of the range cars.

  1. Pastor Pius Muiru

Pius Muiru contested for presidency in 2007.For your information, contesting for presidency in Kenya requires at least Ksh100 million, which the pastor was able to raise