A Kenyan Man Who Resembles Donald Trump Appears in Kenya; Claims To Be His Half Brother (Photos)


Kenyan man has caused stir online after he claimed he is half-brother to America’s President, Donald Trump.
Mr Opiyo, who hails from Siaya, says he just realized he resembles Trump after the American president declared he was contesting for presidency.

Opiyo looked at his hair, smile and body, and was convinced he is Trump’s half-brother.
The Luo man now wants to meet Trump so as to confirm if indeed the president is his brother.

He has also tracing his roots, starting with knowing his grandparents.
“I know Trump is my brother.I just want to meet him and be recognized as his brother.I know people will say I want his money..that is not my intention”,Opiyo said while addressing a small crowd.
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