This Is The Kenyan Man Blessed Enough To Have Married A Virgin Media Personality

rashid and lulu
rashid and lulu

Rashid Abdalla, Former QTV employee caused a buzz after he confessed that his wife, Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan was a virgin on their wedding night

Speaking to true love magazine, Rashid said that he kept the white bloodied cloth from their first night as proof of her purity and dignity.

Mr. Rashid must have been one happy man, today’s world out of 1000 girls only ONE is a virgin and she must be from upcountry not from the city

The duo met in the media fraternity, when Lulu was working as an English news presenter at Radio Salaam

Rashid couldn’t help the soft spoken girl’s charm thereafter he took the first move with an aim of making her mother of his children

Contrary to popular thought, Hassan is not of Somali descent and was as a matter of fact born of a Seychellois father and a mother who had both Seychellois and Kikuyu roots.

She is one of the top Swahili news talent in Kenya with a lucrative career at Royal Media’s Citizen TV.

The couple with no doubt is indeed a happy one, many people emulate!

In pictures, see some of the happiest moments in their life’s !

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