Kenyan Lesbian Couple Goes Public With Their Engagement (Thrilling Photos)


A little known female rapper by the name Grammo Suspect has made history in Kenya after publicly proposing to her girlfriend.

Soon after popping the question, the artist took to social media where she penned a long piece describing how she asked her sweetheart, Timeka, to marry her, in front of a number of friends.

It should be noted at this point that same sex marriages in Kenya is illegal.

Here’s what she said:

“I had so many ideas when planning for the surprise engagement party. But at last i settled for this one. Where I summoned her/my closest friends without her knowledge. It was hard coz it meant not letting her touch my phone for a few days,a few lies here and there because I couldn’t tell her when i was going to collect the ring, the cake and everything else,” Grammo Suspect  said as quoted by Tuko.

She continued: “Also had to lock her in the kitchen for that whole day coz I didn’t want her to see the room setup plus the visitors who were arriving at different intervals. When i finally brought her in the room, she got emotional. I almost regretted it but it was positive emotions.”

Suspect ended the post by thanking everyone who made the surprise a success. She said: “I thank God and all the friends i. e Winnie Acquilline, Ras Kanish, Deno Juma, Ras Madedo, Sifu Bobby Thuku and all the others for helping me to push through.May God bless you big time, for i couldn’t have accomplished this without you. Check out a little part of the video on how it went down. I love you #MySexyLolo Timeka Suspect.”

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