The Kenyan Celebrities Who Are HIV + And Are Hiding Their Status


Many people usually find it very hard to disclose their HIV status to anyone. It is a subject of confidentiality and no one is allowed to reveal anybody’s status. However, there are Kenyan celebrities who willingly let the general public know their HIV status.

Below are some of the popular Kenyan celebrities who have gone public about their HIV status.

  1. Huddah Monroe ~  The controversial socialite went for a HIV test during the celebration of World Aids Day last year, the results were kept a secrete! WHY?????????
  2. Joji Baro ~ The controversial Kenyan gospel artiste is a self-confessed HIV positive homosexual who has gone through a lot as a homosexual in Kenya and almost everyone is against it. Read more about him
  3. Vera Sidika ~ She undoubtedly one of the most popular Kenyan celebrities. The provocative socialite and alleged businesswoman posted her HIV test results on social media after rumors that she was a callgirl.
  4. Richard Amuok ~ last year, veteran rapper by the name Richard Amuok who is associated with the popular Hip-Hop group Ukoo Flani, revealed the woman who infected him With HIV/AIDS
  5. Frigacy ~ The upcoming artiste is one of the first Kenyan celebrities to publicly announce that he is gay and HIV positive.
  6. Vanessa Chettle ~  Her breakthrough came after she was accused of infecting top Kenyan celebrities with HIV/AIDS. She had to make her test public to prove that she’s negative.