KDF Officer Caught Humiliating Kilifi Resident, See This

KDF Officer Caught Humiliating Kilifi Resident, See This

Kenya Defense Force (KDF) has been caught pants down subjecting residents in Kilifi to inhumane treatment.

There have been claims by Kilifi residents about KDF mistreating locals at checkpoints along Kilifi-Malindi-Lamu road.

These claims could not be believed because there was no tangible evidence to support these claims, until now.

Apparently KDF soldiers have been subjecting locals to all sort of brutality for sheer fan. Below is the message the Anonymous person sent Robert Alai and the photos:

“Withhold my identity. I once brought to your attention KDF brutality at checkpoints along Kilifi-Malindi-Lamu road.

You asked for evidence. So we managed to take some pics today July first at 11am. KDF are the jury, judge and executioner here. This young man was sentenced to swim in a dirty pool of water at Sabaki Bridge, near Malindi town. Guilty of forgetting his ID at home. Mothers in the bus we were travelling in wept.

Astonished by the extream barbarism metted by the ‘disciplined forces’. And aware that tomorrow might be their son, husband, daughter or themselves in that muddy pool. Swimming with imaginary fishes. Yet feeling hopeless. Resigned to fate; ‘there is nothing we can do.

These are KDF.’ It has been happening for years now. Guys have been ordered to hung from trees. For hours. Others thoroughly assaulted. A question we asked ourselves; if they do this to fellow Kenyans in Kenya, what do they do to Somali citizens in Somalia? Nevertheless, the question that rung most was, who is leading this country?

KDF or Uhuru? An elderly man yawned. And pronounced, ” no wonder they are killed like goats in Somalia. Cursed by the people they claim to serve.”