Kalekye Mumo Dumps DJ Sadic, You Can’t Imagine Why

kalekye and sadic
kalekye and sadic

Word on the street has it that celebrated Kiss 100’s radio queen Kalekye Mumo has dumped NTV’s DJ Sadic

According to the source –Snoops- Kalekye was seeing the soft spoken gospel DJ Sadick for a few months before she dumped him like trash.

Kalekye’s lavish life is said to be the cause of the heartless breakup since it was hard to maintain

Unfortunately, things went south when DJ Sadic realized he had spent almost all his life saving just to please her.

However, recently Kalekye Mumo opened up about the whole thing for the first time.

The radio presenter refuted claims that they had an affair and said that their relationship was mutual and not intimate and that they get along because personally, she is connected to God.

According to her, DJ Sadic is just a good friend of hers and that the two met at a concert.