Kakamega politician busted in bed with Bishop’s wife


A Politician and a woman who is said to be married to a bishop, found themselves in a compromising situation after they were allegedly caught in the act in Kakamega County.
A report by eDaily suggests that a Member of County Assembly (MCA) and the wife were busted romping in the bush on one hot January night – Tuesday 17 at 1:00 am.
According to the article, the two whose name were withheld, were attending a matanga but arouse suspicion when they disappeared in a bush together.
The two reportedly sneaked out of the gathering while the bishop led mourners at the said funeral meeting.
The Bishop – Abel Lijoti of African Divine Church – was quoted saying that he has been suspecting his wife of cheating since 2016.
“We are infuriated by the MCA’s action,” said a mourner. Adding: “He should seek forgiveness from the woman’s husband. The Bishop is his neighbour. It seems he lured the woman using his monies. The Bishop and his wife have eight children together, and the woman has since fled her home.”
The MCA has since denied the allegations saying his political enemies are out to tarnish his name ahead of the 2017 General Election.
“The propaganda has ruined my reputation, and it hurts me,” said the county rep.
“They claim they busted me with the said woman, whereas I was at my home on the night of Monday night by 10:00 pm, actually asleep beside my wife.”
Noting that the allegations were propagated by his political enemies, the MCA said he cannot sleep with another man’s wife adding that he would take legal action against the perpetrators of the malicious rumours.