Julie Gichuru beautiful children and Husband;see photos


Julie is married to Anthony Gichuru,son of former Kenya Power Managing Director.They are blessed with five children.

The popular Anchor suffered a shock of her life some years back when she lost her child through chocking.

The unfortunate incident happened when the child was eating,Julie was not around at the time.

Later,when they heard that their kid was in a serious conditions,they had limited time to save him.Unfortunately,he died

Julie is half Kenyan half Asian.She holds an LLB Law and an MBA from Cardiff Law School University of Wales and Cardiff Business School University of Wales respectively.

Unlike other Kenyans who practice Law after completing college,Julie did not bother utilize her skills in the court of law,she instead moved straight to media,where she perfectly performed her roles as a News Anchor.

During her shows,people get glued to the screens because they know there is something fresh they could learn out of the show.

Apart from being a News Anchor,Julie is also a fashion designer and a motivational speaker

here the the photos