Jose Chameleone Cuts Off Hair, Check Out His New Look (PHOTOS)

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone PHOTO/COURTESY

East Africa’s celebrated musician, Dr Jose Chameloene, has decided to cut his hair short.

Chameleone who has been into cornrows has finally given up on them and gone for the French crop hairstyle, cutting his hair short both in the sides, at the back and leaving it longer through the top.

The “” hit maker did not state the reason for his sudden decision. Instead, he posted on one of his social media accounts,

I Woke Up in this mood!!!!! Thanks Amico for the new L❤️❤️K >>>>>>>Friends will be like he looks like Chameleone 😂😂😂😂😂

His fans on social media have shared mixed reactions. Others liking it, while others proffering the earlier style.

Check out his new look below

Jose Chameleone rocking short hair
Jose Chameleone rocking short hair PHOTO/COURTESY

Now, anyone can mistake Jose to be his brother, AK47 as his new look is very similar to the late brother.

What do you think about his new hairstyle?