Jomo Kenyatta and Fiona Achola Ngobi Wedding Photos


Jomo Kenyatta finally entered the chains of marriage after marrying his girlfriend, Fiona Achola Ngobi at their home in Gatundu.Photos showed the two taken through a series of traditional events to a point where they were accepted as husband and wife.

Fiona forgot her South African ex-boyfriend as she said I do to a man who could become the country’s CEO in years to come.

Jomo was seen in a relaxed mood as the two, Fiona and Jomo, exchanged vows before Mama Ngina Kenyatta,Margaret Kenyatta,Uhuru Kenyatta, Fiona’s relatives and a host of other guests.

The ceremony, which occurred at the heart of central Kenya (Ichaweri) saw the two being given a marriage certificate and blessings from the parents.

The traditional wedding, commonly known as Itara, has now given way for a white wedding which is expected to happen late this year.

Jomo is president Uhuru’s eldest son.

here are the photos;