‘Jesus’ Spotted Eating Wild Fruits In Kijabe (video)


He has become an internet sensation in Kenya, after he was spotted walking barefoot in Tom Mboya street Nairobi, with likening him to the Biblical Jesus, thanks to their striking resemblance.

Daniel Cristos, an Australian, however insists that he is nowhere near the Messiah saying he only shares the name with God’s son who walked the earth a couple thousand years back.

Reports by our sources indicate that Daniel just crossed over from Ethiopia, and he did not expect he’d become an instant celebrity in Kenya.

However, his striking resemblance to Jesus Christ, at least as depicted in Hollywood movies that we have been exposed to since our childhood, continues to baffle many.

When Daniel was fist spotted in Nairobi, panic engulfed the city as Kenyans thought the IT technician was Jesus whose had told his followers that he’d be back, soon, and that his second coming will be like that of a thief -unannounced.

As it is expected of Kenyans, they lined up the streets of Nairobi just to take selfies with Daniel who perhaps didn’t want to risk condemnation and repeat Jesus history, he obliged albeit uncomfortably.