Janet Mbugua And Hubby Ndichu Does The Unthinkable For Their Sons Birthday! (PHTOS)


The Power couple Janet Mbugua and her hubby Eddie Ndichu are among Kenya’s cutest couple.

The sultry talented anchor has been hiding the face of her little son but she has finally decided to show her followers on social media how he looks like.

Recently, they decided to ambush social media and shared the face of their 1-year-old son Ethan Ndichu which they have managed to hide for a while now.

Janet Mbugua’s son is a little cute baby who resembles the celebrated anchor. The boy is the cutest thing you have ever seen which explains why he was always hidden from the cameras. Now, during his 1st birthday, the Ndichus decided to hold a grand birthday party for their son.

Apart from making a birthday cake in shape of an Audi (an expensive car), they decided to do one of the strangest things ever. See the huge animal they adopted fr their son.

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