Isaac Mwaura Looked Skinny, Shy and Broke Before Raila Nominated Him (Photos)


ODM nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura was once a student at Kenyatta University, studying under difficult circumstances.

During that time, he was broke like a church mouse,and every lunch and supper he was operating on beans plus Ugali or Ndengu plus Chapati Moja.

He was weighing exactly 45Kgs due to lack of money to boost his weight.

Raila Odinga, who has fed many families through sympathy, nominated him in 2013 because he is an Albino, who is placed under special groups category.

Today, Mwaura weighs more than 80kgs,he drives a Toyota V8.

He also married using his salary as an MP.But despite all the blessings, the particular Mwaura gathered courage to tell Raila that “he sleeps on graves to win elections”.

To Raila,’Tenda wema nenda zako’ can be manifested here!

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