Is Betty Kyallo Officially Married To Someone Else? See How She Flaunts Her New Ring

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Over the weekend, Betty Kyallo took to her social media accounts to introduce her mother, her father and the 101-years-old granny that she is named named after, Batty Kinanda.

In a photo that share shared on social media, Betty was spotted wearing a ring that is similar to the wedding ring that Dennis Okari had given to her.

This caused a stir on social media with many people having more questions with no answers. Could she and her baby daddy, Dennis Okari, be back together or it could be a new proposal ring from someone else.

Could it be a publicity stunt or did she do that to hide the bad news from the old-aged woman?

In her Instagram post, she posted the photo photo and caption below,

I’m named after this sweet old lady, Betty Kinanda (Kinanda is the musical instrument known as accordion because of our love for good music 🎧) She is wise and funny. Oh and she’s 101 years! God bless her❤️

Betty Kyallo and Betty Kinanda
Betty Kyallo and Betty Kinanda PHOTO/COURTESY