“I hate Kenya Airways sometimes” Vera Sidika Attacks KQ

Vera Sidika's weath

Kenya’s social media personality, fashion model, video vixen entrepreneur and socialite Vera Sidika is a harsh lady when she gets mad.

Just recently, Vera Sidika go pissed off with Kenyan Airlines, KQ, and could not spare them. Instead, she used very harsh and “big” phrases to express her anger.

“I hate Kenya Airways sometimes”, Vera Sidika took to snapchat to share her agony claiming that KQ lost her bag of clothes en route to Nigeria and that all she was left with were her shoes and a makeup box. She wrote,

”I’m I supposed to wear my heels and make up and walk naked?”She asked the airline.

“I wish Emirates would fly within the continent, one several occasions KQ has disappointed me coz I’m patriotic.”

Vera claims that this is the third time such an ordeal by KQ has happened to her. Till now, her luggage has not been found.