I am Impotent But I Realized My Wife is Pregnant, What Can I Do


In 2010 we had a colourful wedding at a Nairobi church. My wife, whom I met in college was so optimistic about life but I came to disappoint her later after we had tied the knot. Two years after our marriage, I realized, my wife was not getting pregnant.

I waited for another year but not result was achieved. At first I thought my wife was infertile but I ended up confirming from a doctor I was the problem.

I didn’t tell my wife I was impotent but I instead blamed her for our problems so that I could conceal the fact that I was impotent-I was embarrassed to tell her.

Last week she came one evening, very excited. I asked her why the excitement, then she said,”baby, I am pregnant”,…I indeed confirmed the stomach was full. I almost collapsed.

Now I feel like a heavy load is in my heart after hearing she was pregnant. I don’t know what to do and I urgently need your advice before I destroy my life. I can’t believe my wife can sleep with another man without my consent…how now?!!!