Hell Is Breaking Loose, Chipukeezy Caught On Camera Proposing To Another Lady

chipukeezy drama

Comedian Chipukeezy proposed to his girlfriend Vivian in January this year and word is that they are already planning their wedding

Word in the streets is chipukeezy went down on his knees during the Yvonne Darcq single launch to propose again to another lady

This mesmerized every one who attended the launch terming him (chipukeezy) as “womanizer”

Maybe that was not the intention, when asked he said that was for the girl’s esteem

 “You approach your fans in diverse ways, that was one,” he joked.

chipukeezy on kneels/ Photo courtesy
chipukeezy on knees/ Photo courtesy

Meanwhile, the comedian will be hosting a major comedy show at the Weston Hotel, Nairobi next weekend.

The event will be attended by, among other big names, the Deputy President William Ruto and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.