This Is What Heartless Man Did To Wilbroda Of Papa Shirandula After Impregnating Her


Jackie Nyaminde popularly known as,Wilbroda, has for a long time preferred to keep her private life out of  the public limelight.

However, the talented actress comes out to reveal that she is a single mother.

This was after a cunning man impregnated her about five years ago and when she broke the news of her pregnancy to him, he vanished like lightning.

According to Wilbroda, being a single mother is not an easy thing putting into account that she is a busy woman.

She wakes up at 3 AM every-day for her morning radio show and retires home from work at around 11 PM.

At times, they do over-night shoots and she feels guilty for not sparing time for her son.

Wilbroda says that she no longer trusts men after she was dumped by her lover while pregnant. This is why she is not interested in looking for a man to warm up her bed and look after her son while she is away.

Her priority is to raise her son as a single mother and marriage is not in her mind at the moment