HATALALA NA MABWANA ZA WATU TENA! Nairobi Woman Shaves Her Husband’s Mpango Wa Kando Using A Blunt Knife (VIDEO)


A video has surfaced showing an angry woman shaving her husband’s mpango wa kando’s hair using a knife – presumably a blunt one.

Although the details are still scanty, the woman can be heard saying that it should serve as a warning to a lady named Bree to stay away from her husband.

“Post this in the group, I want you to show it to Bree. She’s next on my list, I’m looking for Bree. She will know who I am,” she said looking vexed.

At some point in the video, the woman can be seen bleeding but even this was not enough to stop Nancy from executing her revenge.

Pleas from her friends to leave the woman alone fall on deaf ears as she continues to shave her even threatening to stab her at some point.

“Why did you sleep with Sam? Talk to Janet, she’s the only one who can save you. Don’t touch me, I’ll stab you with this knife,” said Nancy.

Luckily, the owner of the house intervened before the worst came to worst. She asked the two women to go and sort out their differences elsewhere.

Here’s the video