Is Hassan Joho the Most Handsome Politician in Kenya?


Kenyan women have confessed that they won’t resist Hassan Joho’s advances-He is the most handsome politician in Kenya.

Just days ago, photos of him in the kitchen massacred many women who for years have been made kitchen slaves. Many said that his – joho’s- wife must be a lucky one

The Mombasa Governor, who is also ODM Deputy party leader, has looks, swag, money and rich lifestyle, which makes him the most irresistible man in Kenya by women folk.

Those who have said publicly that they would do everything to own Joho-even if he is taken-say even his smile “kill them”. One woman by the name Njoki says:

“I cried the time I saw the government harass my man, Joho.I love this guy to the core and I can dump my husband any time I get a reply from him from the message I sent him two weeks ago.

He personally don’t know him but let him know I love him so much”.

Even as rumours spread, like Monsoon wind, that Joho is dating Betty Kyalo, many women could be heard speaking in low tones that Dennis Okari was a raw deal for the petite girl. They agreed, in unison, that Joho is the real deal.

In Kenya, if there is a man that is absolutely irresistible, then Joho is one. But what exactly makes women go crazy over this Governor.

Sources say his wealthy is in excess of Ksh10 billion. He drives a sleek Ferrari and lives in Nyali.He also has a home in Nairobi.Joho has the looks that every woman desire in a man, he is also classy.