Here Is What Has Been Happening Between Safaricom’s Bob Collymore And His Kenyan Wife


A few months ago bob Collymore and his wife Wambui Kamiru were the talk of the country and for good reason. First after divorcing his Mzungu wife and settling in Kenya Bob got married to a divorced woman in Kenya on April 2, 2016.

Secondly his wife is a mother of two kids from a previous marriage, something that is very shocking to Kenyan men since most of them would never even be caught dead raising another man’s child.

Third, she was small dark and petite. With most men in Kenya looking for light skins who have huge behinds, it was outrageous that the man would consider the opposite of what they normally consider sexy and ideal.

With the rumor emerging that Bob Collymore and wife Wambui Kamiru marriage is already on the rocks, it seems this was nothing but an ugly rumor started by haters.

In recent times the couple has been seen to be quite the lovely couple, as they are always close and smiling to each other.

Here are the photos of the two love birds together