Grace Msalame, Caroline Mutoko War Hits Up

Caroline Mutoko in a yellow top
Caroline Mutoko in a yellow top PHOTO/COURTESY

Since Evans Gikunda’s whatsapp chats leaked and made rounds on social media, Grace Gikunda and Caroline Mutoko have not been at peace.

While top socialites believed that the WHATSAPP chats that leaked through screenshots were stage managed to shame Grace Msalame, it looks like Caroline Mutoko is the one who appears to be rattled by the affair between PQ and Msalame.

Carol, Radio Africa group Ltd Marketing manager, was the one who was accompanying the boss, PQ, on foreign trips but since Msalame came, she took over reducing Carol to running after big shots like Safaricom, KCB, EABL, UNILEVER -EA etc for advertising deals like (she is now like a corporate socialite LOL)??

Grace’s fast rising star from an entertainment reporter to content manager at Bamba TV is raising eye-blows and Carol may be edged out sooner than later.

The war could not just end without using the social media ring. Carol Mutoko took it on Twitter and posted

I’ve never met a hater who was doing better than me.- TD Jakes

Msalame retweeted her post and replied saying

“Great Minds discuss Ideas, Average Minds discuss Events & Small Minds discuss People.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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