Governor Mike Sonko 2 Major Changes Barely A Week Since He Was Elected


Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Sonko is already hard at work with only a week after he was tremendously elected by Nairobi voters.

The immediate former Senator of Nairobi has initiated two projects under the “Operation Ng’arisha Jiji” banner and issued his first gubernatorial decree.


Youth from his non-governmental organization, Sonko Rescue Team, have embarked on an exercise of cleaning up the city.

On Tuesday, the team began the cleaning by pulling down posters that had been put up around the city during political campaign

He, sonko, however Sonko told incumbent Evans Kidero not to withdraw money from county accounts or remove documents or items from offices.

He asked him to constitute a three-member committee to handle the transition thus transparency in the Government

Meanwhile, the Nairobi County Government has suspended processing of payments, contracts and leases until after Governor-elect Mike Sonko and his team are sworn-in.

Governor Sonko says he is delighted to see

  1. Nairobi city being the cleanest city in Africa
  2. See photographers document Nairobi freely (not harassed by Kanjos)