A Girl Rejected Me Because I Couldn’t Afford To Buy Her Beer, Now I Own Brewery

Dr. Martin Aliker
Dr. Martin Aliker

An inspiring story by Uganda’s all time tycoon Dr. Martin Aliker who is among the richest men in the country.

The elder has sat on more than 40 boards of  Ugandan companies  and he owns shares in East African Breweries, Stanbic Bank, Nation Media Group, National Insurance Corporation and Uganda Clays.

Naturally road to success isn’t smooth, he toiled harder to his current status

Aliker who is a humorous fellow used the celebrations of UBL marking 70 years to share his own beer history.

Apparently back in the late 1940s he approached a beautiful girl in a nightclub, but there was one problem – she wanted a beer, which was the new trendy thing in the country and he couldn’t afford it.

“I was at Makerere and those days there was only one night club, near Clock Tower. I approached this girl and she actually wanted to dance with me. The condition was that I buy a beer. Back then a beer was only one shilling, but I couldn’t afford it.”

Of course you know girls have no time for such fellows(broke men), so Aliker missed out on the dance.

But it looks like he is having the last laugh. “She rejected me because I couldn’t afford a beer but now I have a brewery,”

 “That night was my inspiration to be part of a brewery business. I vowed that one day I had to be involved in making beer,” he said.

The 88 – Aliker who is also the chancellor of Victoria University is married to Camille whom he met several decades ago when he was a student in the US.